Cool Gear

Cool Motorcycle Gear

Renegade Classics Indianapolis offers everything needed to keep your head and body warm, cool, dry and protected.

Rain and cold are the first enemies of bikers: they compromise safety and make it painful to ride. New riders often don’t know how to layer up and gear for cold or rainy weather. Renegade Indianapolis owners are long-time bikers: they give tried and true advice to make sure your dollar goes into the right motorcycle gear.

We offer head and body wear from Gator Skins, Thats a Wrap, Schampa and more. These motorcycle clothing brands have proven their worth, and Renegade Classics carries them at biker-friendly prices.

We also carry beanies, doo rags, bandanas, stretch headwear and ascots. Not to forget Schampa Warm Skin shirts, pants, Dickies mechanic shirts, balaclavas, facemasks, wraps and neck bands. All of these items will make your commute or your week-end ride agreeable and safer during winter.

For your safety and protection, we also recommend that you wear a helmet at all times. Even if you wear a doo-rag or a beanie, it will not protect you adequately from the cold in winter. With the windchill factor, the temperature of your ears and head will drop and very soon, your body will become a distraction to your riding because of the discomfort. Check out the helmets we carry here.

Renegade Classics Indianapolis is also your source for wet weather gear! We offer boot covers, waterproof gloves and rain suits by Frogg Toggs and Nelson Rigg.  All seasoned riders know that waterproof gloves serve 2 functions: protecting you from the rain and cold, and protecting you from road rash in case of a spill. Don’t ride out in winter without proper hand protection: wear waterproof insultated gloves, preferably the gauntlet type.

With the right gear from Renegade Indianapolis, you can ride year round with a good level of body protection!