Motorcycle Eyewear

Protective motorcycle eyewear is an essential for safe riding, especially in regions like ours, where abundant forest land means an abundance of bugs and birds, aka road hazards.

At Renegade Indianapolis, we offer over 120 different styles of motorcycle glasses and goggles by Global Vision and KD’s starting at $12.00. Choose from smoke, amber, super dark, yellow, mirrored, colored, high definition and clear.

Each type of lens has its own proprieties. Orange lenses enable better night vision by reducing glare and improving contrast as outlines are more clearly defined.  Polarized lenses reduce glare by “unscattering” the light: especially dangerous are reflections of rain on blacktop at night, glare from sleet and fresh snow, and HID headlights (don’t we hate them?).

Motorcycle eyewear is not the same as regular shades: good eyewear wrap around your face to protect you from the effects of cold or hot wind. Have you ever ridden in the low Arizona or Nevada desert in summer?  The intense heat will dry your eyes in no time and make your cornea more sensitive to dust and sun glare. This affects your safety because your attention is not 100% on the road anymore but on the discomfort experienced by your eyes.

In icy winter, wind drafts circulating around a regular pair of shades will make your cornea more sensitive and tears will reduce your vision to make your riding less safe. You absolutely need to equip yourself with motorcycle eyewear that wraps around your eye sockets to reduce the impact of the wind.

Likewise, biker eyewear often offers a foam rim around the frame. This useful feature drastically reduces the flow of wind hitting your eyes but it also has a downside: because of the temperature difference between the outside surface and the inside surface of the lens, lenses risk fogging up quickly and create a dangerous situation.

This is especially true in winter and it makes this type of eye protection less suitable for winter riding if you ride mostly in the city (the fogging effect takes place when stopped at traffic lights). You can use specialized sprays or drops to prevent fogging (the type used on a scuba diving mask or a helmet windshield), but not entirely. What makes the difference here is the engineering of the foam rim: quality eyewear allows air to circulate and such lenses fog up less easily.

We have several styles of transition lenses that darken automatically in sunlight. Transition lenses are a great response to the varying levels of lighting in fall and springtime. Your ride may start under a glaring sun, only to end in heavy clouds. Transition lenses adapt to riding conditions. Likewise, if you go on a long ride, you will likely end your ride at night: transition lenses will clear up, enabling you to see the road equally well at dusk.

See better for a safer ride at Renegade Classics Indianapolis.